There are thousands of elder people or people with disabilities all over the world which need help or assistance every day. Only in Europe according to Eurostat’s annual demography data collection there were 513 million people living in the EU-28 as of 1 January 2018, of whom almost 101 million were aged 65 years and over. The possibility of monitoring person locations allows them have a walk without any risks of getting lost. Man-down functions take care of sudden health problems, or just falling down and guarantee that Nursing Home personnel will provide professional help as soon as possible. Seniors themselves feel safer knowing they can call for help by the touch of a button.

Nursing staff can also spend more time caring for the client as our unit has an integrated two-way communication, so they can check all alerts with activating this, and do not waste any time for fake alarms.

Teltonika wants to help those who are in need.

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Teltonika’s Vision is to help people and help those who are in need. We are eager to help society to be more protected.

Our goal is to help elder people and those who are hospitalized at home, as well as help people who have difficulties taking care of themselves. In some cases, doctors or social workers can’t come immediately and you need to call for help. But what if you are not able to call for help? What if something already happened?

Experience that we have built since 2007 while creating Worker Badges, Mini Trackers, Personal trackers allow us to provide help. If you do not feel very well while at home, you may press the emergency button or even call for help remotely and tell your symptoms or what have just happened.

Features such as Man-Down (sudden fall detection), Configurable emergency numbers, Alarm button, Two-way voice communication to speak with your emergency contact will help you to be more protected and safer.

Stay safe. Stay protected.



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